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There are so many customer mention that they bought the ball which is bad smell,

its' no problem ? Or, it's the reason of the ball is cheap ?

Also mentioned that it's "because of the ball cheap, then bad material?

GEER is a production factory for more than 30 years, mainly plastic products, research and development and production of many sports fitness and rehabilitation products, and engaged in the overseas market for more than 20 years, products exported and meet the overseas environmental protection certification of the United States and European Union and other countries.

Myth #1

The ball of eco-friendly material is odorless?

First of all, what is environmentally friendly material?

The so-called NON-P PVC environmental protection plastic material, is not containing phthalate esters, it seems to be a little difficult, but non-P PVC is actually safe PVC plastic, that is, the use of harmless and safer plasticizer PVC, more stringent than the national standard, but also in line with the public use does not cause health burden.

GEER products are in line with environmental materials, in order to make users feel more at ease, I also use local raw materials from Taiwan big factories, the quality is not careless, but also at ease.

Myth # 2

Smelly products, all toxic?

As long as it is plastic products, are made of plasticizer, it depend on manufacturer's way to produce.

Most of producer will get rid of bad smell when they sale out but it does not mean that odorless ball is not made of plastic products.

Myth # 3

Why the gym ball I bought smell not good?

What can I do to make the smell go away?

Because plastic products in the sealed condition, how much there will be some taste, in general air circulation, about half a day to 1 day time, the taste will naturally dispersed, do not have to worry about micro plastic taste will be harmful to health.

If you really can't accept the plastic taste, it is recommended to add a little favorite flavor with water to rinse

Leave for another day to dry (in a well-ventilated place) so there is no smell

Cleaning With Household Cleanser

-Add 1/4 cup of scented household cleanser to 1 gallon of water, then pour the solution into a spray bottle.

-Spray the household cleaner mixture onto the exercise ball. Dampen a washcloth with cool water,

then wipe the surface of exercise ball clean.

-Let the exercise ball dry inside for 1-2 days (please do not put outdoor under sun shine)

Repeat the spraying process if the smell has not been removed from the exercise ball.

Cleaning With Baking Soda

-Combine a 1 to 1 ratio of baking soda and water into a bowl, and mix the two ingredients together.

-Add the mixture to a damp washcloth, then rub the paste-like substance onto the exercise ball.

-Leave the paste on the exercise ball, Let the exercise ball dry inside for 1-2 days (please do not put outdoor under sun shine)

-Retrieve the ball, and then remove the paste from the ball with water. Repeat the process if the smell was not removed from the exercise ball.


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